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The Occasion exists to create live theatre that will entertain, challenge, surprise and – above all else – excite audiences.

In these challenging times we have, up until now, cancelled all live performances and workshops. We have adapted as much of our work, as possible, to be presented online. 

We are now planning for live workshops from September 2021 and are optimistic that very soon we will be able, once again, to present live performance. We very much look forward to that time.

In the meantime, we are enormously grateful for your continued support.

Latest News!!! 

‘The Peabody Chronicles – The Complete Story’

Spanning a 30-year period, from 1887 to 1917, ‘The Peabody Chronicles’ is a tale of villainy, skulduggery, kidnap, heroism, war, love, heartbreak, revenge, injustice, come-uppance… 

Originally developed as part of The Occasion’s ‘This Fire’ programme, The Southside Group are now delighted – with funding from Creative Scotland and The Hugh Fraser Foundation – to bring the complete story to a screen near you.

If you’ve enjoyed The Peabody Chronicles or any of our other productions please consider making a donation to our Box-Office fund. All contributions make a difference and go back into our work with The Southside Group – just Pay What You Feel by clicking on the Donate button. 

Episode 1 – 1887:

Summertown. 1887. A happy place until the mysterious Nathanial Stroke arrives and buys the Old Mill. What are his plans? And why is he so interested in talking to Dr. Killjoy?

Episode 2 – 1890:

Three years have passed since Nathanial Stroke arrived in Summertown. The Lord Fitzpatrick is ill… desperately ill. And Nathanial Stroke has aspirations to take over The Lord’s estate and title.

Episode 3 – 1910:

Change is afoot as the old guard die and pass unresolved issues on to their sons. Meanwhile, the residents of Summertown begin to plot their revenge on Stroke and Killjoy.

Episode 4 – 1917:

A great war rages across Europe. Philip Snr. is missing, presumed dead. The young Lord Stroke kidnaps Wee Maggie. What is to be done?

Episode 5 – 1917:

The Philips Jnr. and Snr. have returned to Summertown but Wee Maggie is still missing. Can she be rescued before Lord Stroke’s plan reaches its dastardly conclusion? The final episode of The Peabody Chronicles!

The Southside Group

The Southside Group is an exciting initiative designed to increase opportunities for adults with learning disabilities to become involved in theatre.

Open to everyone aged 16+, no previous drama experience is necessary! Just a desire to have fun, create, play, explore and meet new people.

The Occasion Theatre

If you, or someone you know, would like to join The Southside Group, please contact Pete or Catherine via info@theoccasiontheatre.com

The Peabody Chronicles – the Complete Story was made possible with support from Creative Scotland and The Hugh Fraser Foundation.
For more information please head to The Southside Group page.

This Fire – new performances for a new world.

This Fire, a programme of five original research and development projects was produced from August to October 2020 in direct response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Working with an exciting selection of national and international artists, This Fire explores themes of isolation, communication and inevitably, mis-communication; tales of trauma, unease and joy in these strange and altered days.

The project culminated in the production of five short, digitally produced works that feature theatre, dance, movement, photography and music. All the works have the potential to be developed into full-length live performances in the future.

For further details and to watch all five films please please click here.

This Fire was made possible through the support of Creative Scotland.

Foyle Foundation / Bank of Scotland

The Occasion gratefully acknowledges support from Creative Scotland, Foyle Foundation, Bank of Scotland Foundation – Reach, Bellahouston Bequest Fund, James T. Howat Charitable Trust.

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