The Occasion in association with Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium present

You Are Here!

WOW Tours present a lecture from The Professor. Only to find themselves, unexpectedly, confronted with the disappearance of the stars… not to mention the disappearance of The Professor.

Equipped only with umbrellas and a mysterious A-Z guidebook of the Galaxy, WOW Tours embark on a magical journey. With help from the audience they uncover where The Professor has gone... and, in doing so, discover the most amazing thing in our Solar system.

With Jupiter as the ultimate ‘behind you’ moment this is a show unlike any other.

Combining live performance with full-dome planetarium film, YOU ARE HERE! is unique. Brilliant storytelling for children aged 5 to 8 and their families. A show that puts everything in its place. In our Solar System, the Universe and beyond!

Audience comments (from the July 2017 work-in-progress at WSC):

Sciency! Spacey! Happy!... Learnt that sun is a star.

5-7 years old

It was very realistic and made me think about the questions asked… Learnt all that shines in the sky is not a star.

5-7 years old

Enjoy, funny and excited… It’s really good x100.

8-12 years old

Weird (good!), floating, funny… Learnt that the stars are far away… Would be great to put the planets in context (how to get from here to there).

8-12 years old

Really accessible way to learn… Enjoyed the family shared experience… Looking forward to more adventures on each planet.


Amusement… unique combination… The Planetarium showed its versatility for a range of uses… Very enjoyable, good for the younger viewers and participation was encouraged. TOO SHORT!


Exciting, interested, fulfilled… Would like to see more of this sort of thing here – would make me visit more.


Scripted by the award-winning children’s playwright, Andy Cannon, with design by Ali Maclaurin and music by Rich Williams, YOU ARE HERE! has been created to increase interest in science with a theatre-minded audience; and interest in theatre with a science-minded one!

Opening at Winchester Science Centre on October 24th 2018 YOU ARE HERE! will then go on to tour to We the Curious, Bristol; Glasgow Science Centre; Thinktank, Birmingham; & National Space Centre, Leicester.

Full dates to follow…

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Photographs by Harvey Mills.