This Fire Questionnaire.

If you'd like to answer some questions for us about the project that would be great. Thanks.

The Occasion are delighted to announce 'This Fire’, a new programme of five research and development projects.

Working with an exciting selection of national and international artists, This Fire will explore themes of isolation, communication and inevitably, mis-communication; tales of trauma, unease and joy in these strange and altered days.

The project will culminate in the production of five short, digitally produced works that will feature theatre, dance, movement, photography and music. All the works will have the potential to be developed into full-length live performances in the future... and this is where you come in!

Each week throughout October we will be releasing each of the short works on Facebook and our website. We’d like you to give us feedback on each of these works. We want to know your thoughts and impressions of the five This Fire projects, how you’d like to see the pieces developed further, how you’d like the projects to be presented live, as well as feedback on what it will it take for you to feel safe to return to live performances and what sort of theatre you want to see in a post-lockdown world.

Timelines – all the This Fire projects will be developed during August, September & October with each of the short (5-10 minute) R&D films being released throughout October:

Whoosh – Thu 1st Oct – 8pm
Instamatic – Thu 8th Oct – 8pm
Book & Shrub – Thu 15th Oct – 8pm
The Same Routine – Thu 22nd Oct – 8pm
The Peabody Chronicles – Thu 29th Oct – 8pm

‘This Fire’ has been made possible through the support of Creative Scotland.

This Fire – The Projects

Whoosh – written by Pete Livingstone of Livingstone’s Kabinet, an international performing arts ensemble based in Denmark whose work is characterised by an absurd, black-humorous and skewed worldview. Performed by Peter Clerke and Catherine Gillard of The Occasion.

- Isolated in a surreal, absurdist world a couple who used to ‘swing’ are, somehow, unable to ‘swing’ any more. Questions are raised but the answers just raise more questions.

Instamatic – written by Stewart Ennis, a Glasgow based writer/performer/photographer in collaboration with young Delhi based performer, Khursheed Ali.

- A story told primarily through a photo-dialogue. It will explore two individuals in lock-down – for whatever reason – in two very different parts of the world, and how their isolation within their own cities brings them into communication with each other, across continents.

Book & Shrub – written by Michael Duke. Directed by Peter Clerke. Performed by Claire Lamont and Catherine Gillard.

- Once they were friends; now they are competitors. What starts as a simple changing of the ways explodes into unexpected and total destruction. Two women face a riotous apocalypse caused by a mis-communication of their own making.

The Same Routine – devised & written by Petre Dobre, a newly emerging Deaf performer based in Glasgow. Petre graduated from the RCS, Glasgow in 2018 with a BA in BSL & English Performance.

- A non-verbal piece told through music and movement, exploring routine, our need for it and our rebellion against it… A man finds himself stuck in a ludicrous, yet comforting, routine. He attempts to exit with unexpected consequences.

The Peabody Chronicles – involving 12 learning disabled adults from The Occasion’s ‘Southside Group’ project – a new participatory community theatre group started earlier this year. Working online with The Occasion’s artistic directors, the group will devise initial sequences for a melodramatic feast full of villainy, tragedy and heroic deeds.

- The year is 1917. With Philip Snr. away, fighting in the war, his penniless family confront their avaricious landlord, Lord Stroke. Can Philip Jnr. and his sister, wee Maggie save the day? And what has Peabody, the Town Crier, got to say about it all?... Suspicion, sensation, intrigue and humour combine.